Several years ago, a young mother rang Dr Farmer and thanked him for curing her child’s eczema.  That took him by surprise as he was not working on childhood eczema at the time.  When other similar calls followed, Dr Farmer investigated the basis of this supposed ‘cure’.  The mothers had been using his gentle skin cleansing products to wash their children and the eczema had disappeared in a matter of weeks – and not come back.  This was an accidental finding which neither the mothers nor Dr Farmer had anticipated.


The mothers had been quite desperate to find an answer to the eczema and were trying every product they could find.  It turned out that all the other products had been maintaining the eczema and Dr Farmer’s were the first which did not harm the skin.  Rather than finding a cure, the mothers had discovered a brand which delivered such gentle skin care that the skin could fix itself.


Those successes led to more successes and the EXeczema programme came into being.

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