Skin is living packaging which keeps the person in and the outside world out. It replaces itself every couple of weeks with new skin cells moving outwards to replace those which fall off every day. The skin cells you see today are not the ones that were there a month ago – the skin is doing the same job but the cells you see have changed.

Eczema is caused by products being applied to damaged skin. If you’ve been applying products and the eczema kept going, those products were causing the eczema. Replace those products and the skin can heal itself within weeks.

The replacement cells created in eczema patches every day will be normal and perfectly capable of making healthy skin. If enough of those cells are damaged, they will not be able to make normal skin and the eczema will continue. While the skin is fixing itself, it will flush out dangerous chemicals which have become lodged in the eczema patches. This is when you need gentle cleansing products to ensure those chemicals don’t spread over the skin causing a ‘flare up’. During the healing process, it’s essential the new replacement skin cells are given special protection so they all reach maturity and join up to make normal skin.

Eczema equals damaged and very sensitive skin.  To care for such delicate areas, it’s essential to use gentle products which allow the skin to ‘breathe’. Creams, lotions, emollients and many moisturisers tend to ‘smother’ the skin.  These commonly used products are mostly based on water-repelling petro-chemical mineral oils like paraffin, which are foreign to skin.

The petro-chemical products tend to maintain eczema, often for many years.  In happy contrast, the skin fixes itself within weeks when our products replace those containing petro-chemicals. The ideal products must be very safe and gentle, antibacterial and good at cleaning toxic chemicals from the skin. NewGenn’s products are uniquely able to provide that combination.

The accidental finding which led to the EXeczema programme arose from NewGenn products which quickly ended eczema on nurses’ hands.  It was therefore logical when eczema in children disappeared when the same products were used. The wet wipes are used on premature babies in hospital proving their safety. The hand foams are so gentle on eczema skin sufferers gain immediate relief. The simple fact that the skin heals itself so quickly is the proof you need. When you follow the user Instructions these gentle and effective products allow eczema affected skin to fix itself.

The EXeczema programme and NewGenn’s gentle skin cleansing products protects those cells so they fix the skin. It’s that simple – no cure is needed if you look after the new replacement cells

To reads the medical review of the science behind eczema which is the appendix to Dr Harley Farmer’s book What is eczema? click here

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