The EXeczema programme is a simple process that allows the skin to heal itself.  No wonder drugs, no mystical plant extracts.  Just common sense based on a small amount of new knowledge.

To view a short video of Dr Harley Farmer explaining the programme, please click here.

The key to success lies in not perpetuating the inflammation we call eczema.  It’s very unlikely there is anything wrong with the eczema person’s immune system, so steroids aren’t needed.  The fact that the immune system is reacting so well suggests it has detected something unfavourable within the skin.  That something is most likely to be ingredients in the many products used to ‘manage’ eczema.  Petro-chemicals are the most likely irritant leading to the red and itchy inflammation.

To download a copy of the programme please click here EXeczema Programme

Simply stopping the use of those common products and going ‘cold turkey’ is very unwise.  You need to help the skin flush out the accumulated irritants and toxins which have built up in the eczema patches.  You’ll require very mild, antimicrobial, cleansing products.

To view the ones developed by Dr Farmer please click here.  Others will exist.


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