3 simple steps will end eczema.

What are the steps?

1. Learn three tiny clues

2. Allow the skin to heal itself

3. Use the clues to keep your skin healthy

The EXeczema programme requires different thinking.

These three statements are what define the thinking behind EXeczema

The red inflammation of eczema is a proper reaction by the immune system

The immune system is protecting the person from damage being done to the skin

When this damage stops the skin can heal

What causes this damage?

This is the first clue.

There is a big difference between a product being ON the skin or IN the skin.

That includes moisturiser, emollient, plant extracts, cosmetics, bath oil – anything that’s applied to the skin regardless of whether it’s natural, organic or a trusted brand.

How do they get IN the skin? Down tiny cracks that occur in dry & damaged skin.

Once products are IN the skin, the immune system’s job is to use inflammation to expel them.

Thats where the redness and itching of eczema are the proper response. Theres nothing wrong with the immune reaction so it does not need to be controlled by steroids.

The second clue

Eczema is a second level condition.

Imagine a rash, the sort anybody can have.

That rash is the first level, its just a rash.

To turn this into eczema, the second level, apply products that go IN the skin and the immune system does it’s job and reacts against them.

This is Product Maintained Dermatitis – remove the products and there is nothing to maintain the dermatitis.

If the cause of the rash has gone away, as they often do, the skin will become healthy,

How do you tell which products cause damage? Let the skin determine that. If the skin reacts with inflammation it is doing it to protect the person.

The third clue is that skin replaces itself every month.

If you’ve been applying a product to eczema for over a month and the eczema is still there.

Assume that the product is maintaining the dermatitis.

Stop applying the product and there is nothing to maintain the dermatitis, allowing the skin to heal.

Dr Harley Farmer created the EXeczema Programme from the most up to date science combined with personal experience.

He added good, old fashioned, common sense, another rarity in eczema.

His books on ending eczema are read around the world and international medical journals convey his uniquely creative ideas on what causes eczema.

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